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Private investigator


Private Research Agency Director from the University D'ASSAS


Private Law Investigator regulated by Title II of Book VI of the Code of Homeland Security, "Professional entitled to collect information without mentioning its quality or disclose the object of his mission, to defend the interest of a third partie" (Article L. 621-1 of the code of Homeland Security).


Approved on behalf of the State, by the National Council of Private security activities (public administrative), holder of the administrative authorization CAR-044-2018-12-02-20130359242 number issued by the supervisory authority and regulation (art L632-1 of the CSI)


Responsible for investigations and evidence searches for your interest with a network of qualified investigators throughout the national and international territory, with constant interaction with your patent attorney and our litigation team.


Her mission


  • Civil and commercial investigations by collecting relevant information

  • Gathering of evidence

  • Pre-litigation advice

  • Elaboration of reports admissible in court


Her scope of inquiry:


  • Local

  • National

  • International


Her knowledge


  1. Combating counterfeiting

Thanks to a concerted strategy with your patent attorney and litigation team for the holder of a right in PI must justify a minimum its application to the President of the High Court to obtain permission to conduct a counterfeit seizure.


  • Collect relevant information

  • Identify target

  • Preserve evidence,

  • Find the similarities between products (damage assessment, quality and quantity of goods)

  • Identify network with intervention of security forces

  • Prepare a seizure (expo, fair, lounge)

  • Purchase evidence, mystery shopper


  1. Unfair competition


  1. Trademark infringement and use at national or international level 


  1. Conducting financial investigations to learn more about your competitors worldwide


  1. Search and identification of individuals in proceedings (litigants, inventors, importers, exporters)


  1. Look for and identify the perpetrators of Internet and Social Network denigration.