• When Christmas Meets Intellectual Property
  • Santarelli Group ranked Gold IP Firm in 2023 IAM Patent 1000
  • Artificial Intelligence: Is it possible to freely re-train an AI model distributed under an open-source license?
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  • Jun 2024

    First Anniversary of the UPC

  • Dec 2023

    "Divine" vs. "Gaultier Divine"

  • Jan 2023

    UPC: What about agreements?

  • Jan 2023

    UPC: Will the European Patent with Unitary Effect Apply to the Entire Territory of France?

  • Jan 2023

    UPC: How to make the best OPT-OUT choice

  • Jan 2023

    UPC: Terms of an Opt-out request

  • Jan 2023

    UPC: Terms of an Opt-out request

  • Jan 2023

    UPC: Derogation from the exclusive competence of the UPC or "Opt-out"

  • Jan 2023

    UPC: EP applications in the final stages of prosecution – Using available EPO procedure

  • Jan 2023

    UPC: Two transitional measures to prepare your EP unitary patent applications

  • Jan 2023

    UPC : Unitary effect is not automatic

  • Jun 2020

    Carbon footprint and PI

  • May 2020

    The emergence of the blockchain time-stamping mechanism an effective means of ating creation

  • Apr 2020

    Happy World IP Day - Let’s innovate for a green future and innovate as a law firm.

  • Mar 2020

    The new provisions in force following the adoption of of the "Brands Package" in France: Opposition proceedings before the INPI (French Trademark Office)

  • Feb 2020

    Patent marking

  • Oct 2019

    The major reform of trademark law in Europe On your marks, get set, go!

  • May 2019

    The research tax credit, A financing tool for the protection of technical creations

  • Mar 2019

    Trademarks and Designs of the European Union in the absence of an agreement on Brexit

  • Dec 2018

    Proof of date by Blockchain at Ipside

  • Jan 2018

    New EU data protection regulation
    New simplified procedure for granting patents in Brazil

    The main data protection regulation adopted on 27 April 2016 is principally aimed at strengthening the level of protection of personal data by increasing the accountability of data collectors.
  • Nov 2017

    “International” trade mark system

  • Mar 2017

    Application for intervention and retention by the customs authorities

  • Jan 2017

    Set up of electronic Soleau Envelope

  • Jan 2017

    The use of certain symbols and mentions in the trade

  • Sep 2016

    The patentability of software with the European Patent Office (EPO)

  • Jul 2016

    Brexit or not brexit

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