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  • Artificial Intelligence: Is it possible to freely re-train an AI model distributed under an open-source license?
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Your young company designs and develops products and services that are innovative and potentially in high demand in the future. To protect your markets from competition and counterfeiters or to convince investors, you want to file one or more patents on key inventions that define the unique and original features of your products and services or that give you an economic advantage.

Only the patent filing involves significant administrative and significant advance preparation costs and needs be done at the earliest, preferably before promoting your products and services - at the risk of revealing your inventions and making patenting impossible - and before negotiating with potential investors; that is when you lack funds the most!

Thanks to its experience with startups and young companies (see Startups), IPSIDE has developed the "patent leasing" allowing you to file patents with a limited initial contribution and fixed and reduced monthly payments for five years; this enables you to use your valuable funds for marketing and commercialization of your products and services while preserving and protecting the valuable intangible assets that represent your intellectual property.

Furthermore, after a phase of exchange and definition (agreement on the geographical coverage, the scope of the claims and the description of the invention), IPSIDE is fully in charge with patent filing, from its drafting until its issuance, which allows you to focus on the development, marketing and commercialization of your products; and allows you to minimize your costs (20 to 30% cheaper than the standard procedure).

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