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Given your experience, your research and your work, you have found a clever and innovative solution that you intend to exploit commercially in a new product or service that meets or potentially creates a new need in the years to come. The creation of a startup to market this new product/ service or license to a third party will allow you to turn your innovation into an economic value.

Your innovation may be copied or developed by other people or companies only during the time it takes you to develop prototypes before marketing it. Furthermore, if you are looking for financial or industrial partners to help you develop, manufacture and market your innovation, you must convince them of its novelty and value.

Thus, it is important that you quickly protect your innovation with one or more intellectual property titles.

IPSIDE can advise you regarding the most appropriate protection options for your needs and budget. If the patent filing proves to be a desirable protection option, the IPSIDE patent engineers specialized in your field of technology shall advise and assist you throughout the entire patent filing process, from prior patent search (making sure that your innovation is indeed new), you freedom to operate (making sure that your products/services will not infringe somebody else's rights), the desirable scope of the claims, the desirable geographical scope of the patent, the drafting and interactions with the involved patent offices, until responding to eventual objections of third parties and the maintenance and renewal terms of your titles.

IPSIDE can offer you one or several budget scenarios by preliminary estimates, depending on the chosen options and undertakes to respect its estimates.

Beyond obtaining a title, IPSIDE will accompany you all the time through the protection, valorization and defense of your rights phases.

All this is done in strict compliance with the confidentiality and deontology required from all the IPSIDE employees.

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