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Your new product includes new and original aesthetic elements: its design, its packaging but also the graphical interface of a software, in particular. The organizational elements of your new product can be an important factor in its commercial success.

You do not know when and how to protect the appearance of your product! Particularly that given the speed of diffusion of the information on the Internet, it is easy for your competitors to copy these original aesthetic elements and to appropriate a part of your market.

It is therefore important to protect them on your main sales markets, before any disclosure, and ideally in the countries where they are manufactured.

The fitting legal instrument is that of "designs and models". The design or model protects the appearance of your products, for example their lines, contours, colors, shapes, textures and/ or ornamentation. You can use it exclusively for a period of 5 years that can be extended up to 25 years in many areas. This ownership title can have a deterrent effect and helps protecting against your competitors through counterfeiting action.

The IPSIDE legal experts and lawyers advise and support you in the protection, development and any litigation relating to your designs and models:

  • Effective management of your filing and design and models' procedures: before to any filing, IPSIDE notifies you regarding the filing conditions and in particular regarding the novelty and legitimacy for filing (transfer of rights, if applicable). IPSIDE advises you on the filing strategy to adopt (the geographical scope of the protection sought - in France, in Europe or in other countries of the world), analysis of the novelty of the aesthetic elements to be deposited, anteriority research, etc.). Finally, IPSIDE manages the entire filing process, which is sometimes complex, in order to maximize your protection and minimize the administrative costs required by the various involved offices.
  • Proactive development of your portfolio of designs and models: whatever the size of your portfolio of designs and models, IPSIDE offers you the option to regularly review all your titles and support you in your development opportunities; thus, IPSIDE will assist you in the negotiation and/ or drafting of any contract related to your designs and models (license, transfer, partnership).
  • Defense of your rights: when your rights are violated by third parties, IPSIDE prepares and manages the litigation in order to maximize your chances of success and minimize your stress. In addition to advising you on an effective approach, IPSIDE offers you a wide range of services such as the drafting of formal notice letters, pre-litigation claims and negotiations, the organization of purchase reports, foreclosures, customs actions or judicial proceedings - infringement action, action for unfair competition. In such a situation, the involvement of the IPSIDE AVOCAT lawyers is highly appreciated.

To ensure obtaining a solid protection, contact IPSIDE even before making public your designs and models.

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