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Your original creations make you stand out from the competitions and contribute to the commercial success of your products and services. Whether it is about aesthetic creations such as the design of your products or packaging, artwork on your website, a commercial video presentation, a logo or a functional software creation, you potentially benefit from copyright protection, which is acquired automatically and without formality, subject to the originality of your creation.

However, if in the future a third party challenges your copyrights or an infringer appropriates your rights without permission, and if the commercial stakes are high, you must formally defend and enforce your rights. This may require an incontrovertible proof of your creation's originality (which is ultimately appreciated by the courts) and especially the dates of the development stages of your creations.

The IPSIDE legal experts and the IPSIDE AVOCAT lawyers advise and support you in the protection, defense and development of your copyrights, regardless of the stage of creation of your copyright:

  • Strategic advice to optimize your position before/ during a creation: in addition to copyright, and in certain cases, your creation could be doubly protected by a trademark (see Trademarks) (for example in the case of a logo), a design & model (see Designs) (for example in the case of a product or packaging design) or even by an invention patent (see Patents) (for example in the case of a software code); so many options that the IPSIDE legal experts will help you evaluate in conjunction with a protection audit of your creative portfolio. The IPSIDE legal experts will also help you implement one or more timestamping tools (see Timestamping) that will allow you to undeniably date your creations.
  • Help develop your creative portfolio: in the framework of licensing rights (both as licensee or licensor), of a transfer or redemption of an activity or rights, the IPSIDE lawyers and legal experts will support you in the negotiations, definition and drafting of the license and transfer agreements.
  • Help defending your copyright: in case of infringement on your copyrights, the IPSIDE legal experts and lawyers will advise you on a practical, efficient and economical approach to solving your disputes with your competitors, accompanying you in all the pre-litigation and litigation phases of defense of your rights: drafting formal notice letters, pre-litigation claims and negotiations, purchasing statements, seizures-counterfeiting, customs actions or legal actions for counterfeiting or unfair competition are all possible avenues that the IPSIDE legal experts and lawyers will help you implement.



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