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Your literary, visual arts, graphic or photographic creations are protected by copyright if they are original.

Indeed, copyright protects intellectual creations subject to their originality, which refers to "the reflection of the personality of the creator." According to the legal precedent, an object is original and therefore protectable by copyright only if it has ornamental or aesthetic features separable from its functional character.

It is acquired without formality, by the sole fact of the creation of the work.

Your work is therefore protected from the day you created it, regardless of the form of expression, genre, merit and destination. You benefit from your moral rights (right to respect for his name, his quality and his work) and patrimonial rights (right of representation and reproduction).

The copyright can be combined with trademark and design rights when is about protecting the aesthetic appearance of your products.

In case of dispute, failing to have protected the work through filing an industrial design or model, the creation date may be demonstrated in particular through the Soleau envelope. This is a simple and inexpensive way to build a proof of one's creation and the date. On the other hand, the filing does not offer in itself any protection. There is therefore no exclusive right. Thus, INPI offers you a five years guardianship, renewable once.

The timestamping system (see Data timestamping) is an effective solution for determining the date of creation, its author and its content in the framework of pre-litigation (see Pre-litigation) or legal action (see Litigation).

These pieces of evidence can prove to be essential in a dispute and our experts are at your disposal to develop these points.


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