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Intellectual Property professional, independent or consulting firm, based in France or abroad, satisfying and retaining your existing clients and acquiring new clients are some of your priorities.

However, sometimes your clients and prospects require services beyond our geographical coverage, your resources, experience or your current skills portfolio.

In this case you have to work together or subcontract one or several firms.

IPSIDE's patent engineers, legal experts, lawyers and networks allow you to offer a wide range of services in France (see France) and abroad, particularly in China (see China)  and the USA (see USA), where IPSIDE has opened several locations. Whether for a national phase procedure for a European or international patent, a patent filing in France, in Europe, internationally, in China or in the USA, or for any other provision of protection (in particular trademarks, designs and models, domain names), valorization or litigation of the Intellectual Property, IPSIDE offers its services to IP professionals with the same care and attention as for its own direct clients.

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