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You are a startup consisting of a small multidisciplinary team with an innovative product or service to design, develop, manufacture, promote and sell.

You have raised the necessary funds for supporting the implementation phase of your activity. Your short-term success depends, on the one hand, on the added value perceived by clients from your products and services and, on the other hand, on your business strategy and operational performance. For the entire duration, a good management of your intellectual property will support your growth and will help you:

  • Secure funds for your growth.
  • Establish an innovative image.
  • Mitigate the risk of being copied.
  • Limit your risk of infringing on the rights of other participants in your sector.
  • Convince potential investors and eventual buyers.

Your intellectual property is a long-term intangible asset that will potentially make the difference between you and your competitors, both in France and abroad. To be effective, the protection of your intellectual property must be anticipated as far in advance as possible in your projects.

Thanks to its multidisciplinary team of dedicated representatives, experts specialized in advanced technologies, legal engineers, legal experts and lawyers and its experience in helping startups manage their intellectual property, IPSIDE becomes your "intellectual property department" and accompanies you throughout your establishment and development. Thus, your startup will instantly benefit from a wide and complete range of intellectual property services of the same standing as a large company, implemented in order to:

  • Manage your presence on the Internet and your social networks (see Web/Digital).
  • Obtain a Research Tax Credit to help you file your patents (see Research Tax Credit (CIR)).
  • File your patents, trademarks, domain names and designs in France and abroad; with flat-rate offers (see Domain names).
  • Estimate the financial value of your portfolio of patents, trademarks, domain names in a credible way, in the context of fundraising or transfer (see Audits).
  • Draft and review contracts for the transfer or purchase of portfolio of patents/ trademarks/ domain names (see Contracts).
  • Defend your intellectual property rights (see Litigation).

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