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  • Disclaimer +

    The wording of this FAQ is simplified in order to present the essential principles underlying the basic intellectual property concepts such as patents and trademarks. The texts do not reflect all the complexities of patents and trademarks procedures and should not be used as working documents.  Non contractual document.  
  • What is the duration of the protection of the COV ? +

    The duration of the protection of the COV is 25 years. However, this period is 30 years for forest, fruit or ornamental trees, for vines and perennial forage grasses and legumes, potatoes and inbred lines used for the production of hybrid varieties. These durations are different for community COV. Read More
  • What laws govern COVs? +

    Since 1961, the protection of industrial property on plant varieties has been ensured by the Proprietary Variety Certificate (COV) within the framework of the Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants "Union pour la Protection des Obtentions végétales (UPOV)". The protection of plant varieties in France is governed by Articles L.623-1 to L. 623-25 and Articles R. 623-1 to R. 623-58 of the Intellectual Property Code (ICC). Read More
  • What are the differences between COV and the patent? +

    As with the patent, the PVC allows its breeder to have an exploitation monopoly of the protected variety, but allows the use of this protected variety to select a new one and market it if it is sufficiently distinct. Read More
  • What rights does COV confer to its holder? +

    The Plant Variety Intellectual Property protection provided by a COV confers on its breeder an exclusive right: of production ; for the introduction on French territory and sale of the protected plant variety (Art L623-4 CPI). Read More
  • What are the criteria for obtaining a PPVC ? +

    Is considered as a Proprietary Plant Variety ("Obtention végétale"), a new plant variety, created or discovered: which is clearly distinguishable from any other variety whose existence, at the date of filing of the PVC application, is well known; which is homogeneous, i.e. sufficiently uniform in its relevant characters; which remains stable, that is, identical to its initial definition, at the end of each cycle of propagation. Read More
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