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You have an idea, an invention concept, a software idea, a process, a manufacturing or artistic, aesthetic or literary work method being materialized for the purpose of future commercial exploitation.

The likelihood of being copied or that another person (physical or moral) establishes a similar idea before or during the commercialization of your creation is real; and then the paternity of your creation could be attacked.

So, you must be able to formally prove the dates and contents of the different stages of development of your creation.

IPSIDE offers you several time stamping solutions for your creations adapted to their content and your budget. For the contents in the form of short documents and paper the solution of the Soleau envelope is simple and economical; Ipside can advise and guide you in its usage and management. An electronic version of this solution also exists (e-Soleau) for certain types and file sizes up to a few hundred megabytes. Finally, Ipside's TripleStamp (patented) solution offers total flexibility and is particularly suitable for large software, video or graphics projects (up to several gigabytes per month). TripleStamp does not ask you to regularly visit a bailiff, or to physically remove your sensitive data and is simply done by secure Internet transfers of files on encrypted and redundant servers outside your sites. Your data is saved and time stamped by a bailiff and you receive a timestamp report at regular configurable intervals. This archiving of your sensitive data is beyond the reach of your competitors even in the event of a seizure of counterfeit or a judicial injunction since they are archived within the framework of a contract with Ipside, your Industrial Property Adviser. Moreover, you can access your archived data at any time, directly from your internet connection.

Furthermore, in the case of a creation resulting in a potentially patentable invention but a patent had already been filed by a competitor for the same invention before you. The timestamping allows you to assert your right of anterior personal possession, enabling you to exploit commercially without having to obtain the patentee's authorization.

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