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You have developed a portfolio of patents allowing you to exploit your innovations commercially freely, without risk of infringing the industrial property rights of others and without interference from your competitors, in order to differentiate you from the competition and to communicate an innovator image to your targeted markets.

Except that with the time your competitors risk on the one side to protect other aspects of your future products and services and thus restrict your freedom of operation or on the other side, to copy you without your knowledge and to divert your clients.

Thus, you must proactively develop and strategically extend your patent portfolios, anticipate the development of your competitors and detect the possible usurpations of your industrial property.

To meet the growing demand of its patents clients and to help you align the development of your patent portfolios with the strategy of your company, IPSIDE has developed an adapted and personalized watching and technological monitoring service:

  • An interview on your strategic direction and issues: based on which IPSIDE will analyze the patent landscape of your competitors and during an annual, biennial or quarterly review, IPSIDE will suggest you options for developing your patent portfolio and the related budgets.
  • Ongoing active monitoring: that meets your strategic objectives. Unlike a passive monitoring that simply collects general and current information that is not sorted and has no precise objectives, the active intelligence approach developed by IPSIDE relies on specific tools and an active search for patents filed by your competitors, scientific, technical, and technological data on products or manufacturing processes with a potential impact on the economic and business environment of your company, to help you evaluate your competitors' R & D strategy, complete your portfolio while avoiding risky overlaps with their industrial property and thus to secure your freedom of exploitation. An analysis conducted by IPSIDE experts will also help you identify opportunities for new technologies, new products or new markets.
  • Or a one-time monitoring: when you want to understand the opportunities and risks of a market (existing or new) or a new product, IPSIDE provides you with its sophisticated active monitoring tools to carry out a one-time study to help you explore or validate strategic choices for your research, product development and services or markets.



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