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The IPSIDE Intellectual Property Law firm assists and advises international clients in the process of filing IP applications (patents, trademarks, models...), prosecutiing and defending their intellectual rights for their creations, both in France and abroad (notably in the European Union). Other ways to protect technical inventions are also included to allow the implementation of the overall strategy of the most appropriate Intellectual Property for the company. We also assist our clients in the development of their technical and legal strategies for prosecution of their inventions.

Based in Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Nantes and Quimper the European Patent and Trademark attorneys of IPSIDE offer our customers all the technical and legal skills within the same regional office and offer a local service and responsiveness tailored to their requirements. IPSIDE's network of international associates with whom we have a special relationship allows us to meet the needs of our clients in all countries. In particular, specific links were established with China and an internal Chinese consultant is dedicated to the Asia region.

History of Ipside IP law firm

Founded in 1980 by Christian Schmit and Jérôme Chretien, IPSIDE was created following a series of mergers involving several industrial property firms: Lerner, Grynwald, Thébault and more recently Ravina and Poupon. By bringing together several firms with different focuses and offices all across France, IPSIDE has gained a strong national presence. In addition to Paris, we are also based in Toulouse (where the firm’s headquarters are located), Bordeaux, Quimper and Nantes. The IPSIDE team now consists of more than 70 people across all sites.

To reflect these changes, in September 2014 the firm adopted a new name, IPSIDE, as a reflection of its values and commitment to covering all aspects of intellectual property (intellectual property side). In view of the fact that intellectual property (patents, trademarks, designs, copyright, domain names) knows no borders, IPSIDE has continued its expansion overseas with the launch of two branch offices in2015 – in the United States (Las Vegas) and China (Beijing) – and two international partnerships – one in South Korea (Seoul) and another in Japan (Tokyo).

IPSIDE's  Organisation

A team of more than 80 persons defending your intellectual property rights. With more than 20 patent attorneys, more than 15 trademark and design attorneys, and 4 attorneys at law, supported by more than 35 assistants, our team, spread across four French sites and branch offices in the USA (Las Vegas), and China (ShenZhen and Chengdu), our Intellectual property law firm has a 100% focus on intellectual property rights, from the acquisition of rights to their defence and commercialisation.

Every year we file around 1000 new patent applications (in France, Europe, as PCT applications or direct national patent applications), in addition to thousands of trademark registrations. We obviously draft European Patent applications in English for our english speaking clients on request.

A structured team

At each of our regional and international sites, we offer all the technical and legal skills required to meet your needs in the fields of trademarks, designs, domain names, patents, copyright, software, web and digital. We provide a local, responsive service customized to our clients’ requirements. Organised as business units based close to our clients but united in our values and shared tools, our team provides a tailored response for each our clients: start-ups, SMEs, large Companies either European or Overseas, and independent inventors/designers.

A qualified team

As specialist legal experts, we are professional representatives accredited by the French and European IP offices and all have solid experience in intellectual property law, including in the wine industry. IPSIDE will help you to develop strategies for a comprehensive  protection of your creations and the defense of your rights, contemplating each and all solutions provided by  trademarks, designs, domain names, copyright, patents, know how and agreements.

As patent attorney, we are highly qualified engineers and scientists, graduated from French and foreign cutting-edge Universities. We work in every field, including physics, electronics, signal and image processing, telecommunications, IT, software, aeronautics, aerospace, mechanical engineering, hydraulics, optics, optoelectronics, chemistry, biology, pharmacy and biotechnology with a longstanding, continuous and strong emphasis on IT and aeronautics telecommunications.

We have built and continue to maintain a partnership with a global network of international associates, allowing us to meet your needs across the world. Our consultants assist you in contractual affairs (transfers, licences, distribution, etc.), and advise you in the areas of IP rights portfolio financial appraisal and auditing and legal and technological monitoring. One of the services offered by IPSIDE is the commercialisation of intellectual property portfolios ahead of fundraising operations, transfers, merger acquisitions or initial public offering.

A dedicated team of lawyers

IPSIDE has a team of lawyers who make up the structure of IPSIDE AVOCAT, managed by Gwendel Barbaut, a lawyer at the Paris bar. IPSIDE handles dozens of disputes every year, through close collaboration between specialist consultant, lawyer and client, in the area of patent or trademark infringement as well as for any other litigation problems relating to intellectual property rights.

The synergy resulting from the daily interaction between consultants and lawyers enables us to provide our clients with a protection strategy for their rights with a comprehensive overview of the issues of commercialisation, use and defence.

IPSIDE AVOCAT consists of four lawyers supported by an administrative team. The firm has expertise in all areas of intellectual property and works in the fields of litigation and consultancy on patent law, trademark law, design law, copyright law and software and related rights (strategy implementation, infringement procedure management, unfair competition, claims, nullity, expiry, representation at hearings). This structure has also given rise to considerable expertise in contracts (contract drafting: licences, assignments, confidentiality agreements, coexistence, etc.) and auditing/commercialisation of intangible assets.

IPSIDE's values

IPSIDE’s success stems from a set of values which are crucial for meeting our clients’ expectations and resolving their issues. These values are what bind together the firm’s founders, team members and partners:

  • Availability & responsiveness: offering skills and a personalised service close to you to best meet your requirements quickly.
  • Advice & strategy: finding relevant, innovative solutions in line with your budget.
  • Creativity & commercialisation: ensuring the creation of value by establishing your intellectual property right capital, while offering novel, off-the-beaten track solutions.
  • Ethics & independence: respecting ethical rules which form the basis of our profession and carrying out our consultancy work in total objectivity.

IPSIDE's vision

As an intellectual property firm, we provide assistance at every step of a company’s lifecycle, supporting its national or international development. IPSIDE involves itself fully in its clients’ activities in order to supply them with a made-to-measure service in line with their requirements, with the goal of becoming a key partner. The flexibility of our methods and the excellence of our tools allow us to work for all kinds of organisations by adapting to their structure. IPSIDE is mindful of the comfort and well-being of its staff and fights against all forms of discrimination.