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Your intellectual property, whether your trademarks, domain names, patents, designs& models, current licensing agreements, software, copyright or even industrial secrets, represents a significant part of your intangible assets. Whether you're looking to raise funds from investors, in particular venture capital funds, get a bank loan, achieve an IPO, sell off part of your business, or look for buyers, an audit of your protection perimeter and the economic value of your intellectual property is necessary.

However, estimating the value of such intangible assets involves far greater uncertainty than, for example, the case of physical assets such as real estate, whose prices and their variations are relatively simple to evaluate; and an audit conducted by you will automatically be considered optimistic and biased by an investor, buyer or acquirer.

In order to optimize your negotiating position and your credibility, it is therefore necessary to involve independent, impartial and competent experts, using industry recognized financial assessment methods.

Upon the increasing demand of its clients, IPSIDE has developed a systematic audit method based, on the one side, on an evaluation of the quality of your intellectual property assets protection, taking into consideration the legal aspects, scope and validity of rights, and, on the other side, on proven financial valuation techniques such as the valuation of stock options by Black-Sholes modeling and sensitivity analysis techniques.

In order to offer you all chances of success in your negotiations, IPSIDE systematically uses the point of view of the potential investor/ lender/ acquirer by impartially evaluating and classifying the assets according to their economic opportunity and the associated risks.

As the evaluation incertitude factors decrease during the exploitation of your intellectual property rights and your portfolio evolves, IPSIDE can offer you an incremental update of the evaluation.

Finally, the results of a formal IPSIDE audit often help the company to become aware of the importance and value of its intellectual property assets and to manage these assets in a more efficient and targeted manner.


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