• When Christmas Meets Intellectual Property
  • Santarelli Group ranked Gold IP Firm in 2023 IAM Patent 1000
  • Artificial Intelligence: Is it possible to freely re-train an AI model distributed under an open-source license?
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  • What are the steps of the French patent filing? +

    A particularity of the French system is the lack of a thorough examination of patentability.

    This means in particular that there will be no contradictory exchange between the applicant and an examiner of the patent office (except in cases of flagrant lack of novelty).

    This aspect makes the procedure for processing patent applications in France particularly simple (not necessarily faster).


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  • What is the priority of a patent? +

    The right of priority arises with the filing of the patent application.

    This right is not strictly speaking a procedural step of the application in question, but it is important for the following patent applications that want to protect the same invention in France or in other countries.

    Its existence is due to international conventions that allow a first application in France to justify effects in other countries than France.

    The benefit of a priority implies at least two essential conditions:

    • the priority must be claimed
    • the application that wishes to benefit from a priority must be filed within 12 months from the filing of the application whose priority is claimed.

    If the priority is validly claimed for a B

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  • What are my options for filing a first patent application? +

    A patent application can be requested in virtually all country in the world.

    To file a first patent application relating to an invention , it may be chosen to file in any country, in a Region (a system comprising several countries as for the European patent (EP) or to go through an International Patent Application via the PCT treaty system [WO].

    However, the provisions relating to National Defense require a French depositor or resident in France to submit his application to INPI (Institut National Industrial Property), or to obtain prior authorization to file before a foreign patent office by submitting to the authorities the text of the patent application.

    On the administrative level the simplest remains to file an application to

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