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The United States offer opportunities to sell products and services unparalleled in terms of financial margins and size of addressable markets for innovative French and European companies. They are also the cradle of many startups and companies at the forefront of many technologies that present as many opportunities for partnerships, licensing agreements or even acquisitions, enabling your company to be the first to launch innovative services products and thus increase your market share.

The United States is, however, an extremely competitive territory, ruthless with those who do not protect their innovations and creations. Furthermore, the system of intellectual property protection, based on the jurisprudence, has many peculiarities and traps for the uninitiated and can prove to be very expensive; not to mention the potential linguistic and cultural misunderstandings or the time differences and limited opportunity for face-to-face meetings.

Thus, in order to protect or develop your innovations and creations in the US, it is best to contact a French intellectual property consultancy with offices in the United States.

In 2016, IPSIDE launched IPSIDE INNOVATION, which acts as an innovation consultant in the USA, helping French and European companies to seize market opportunities and partnerships in the United States. Nowadays IPSIDE INNOVATION includes offices at the heart of innovation in San Francisco and Las Vegas, where many American and international companies and startups are developing the products and services of the future.

The multidisciplinary team of IPSIDE and IPSIDE INNOVATION includes lawyers and patent engineers who master American and European intellectual property systems and interact with companies already established in the United States as well as with companies based in France, directly or through the numerous offices and advisers of IPSIDE in your proximity (see France); to help you develop your international portfolio of intellectual property rights in an optimal way and a favorable price when compared to local consulting firms or French firms that subcontract their files to local law firms.

Finally, IPSIDE INNOVATION has developed innovative services adapted to the needs of different client segments, such as "patent holding", in addition to IPSIDE's full range of services available to IPSIDE INNOVATION clients. This allows startups and young companies to spread the payment of their international patent filings over 5 years on a monthly basis (without interest) and in a more economical way than a traditional filing (see Patent leasing).

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