• National Prior Rights and the European Patent with Unitary Effect
  • VIVIATECH-2023
  • Artificial Intelligence: Is it possible to freely re-train an AI model distributed under an open-source license?
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The realization of know-how in the form of inventions, innovative manufacturing processes, products and services or an artistic work (work of the mind) can be protected by the patent (see Patents), trademark (see Trademarks), drawings and models (see Designs) or copyright (see Copyright) and thus lead to an exclusive right of exploitation.

However, know-how consists of technical knowledge, procedures, non-patented manufacturing formulas acquired during years of experience in your business, does not lead to an exclusive right of exploitation. It is best protected from copying by secrecy and by signing confidentiality agreements with your employees, suppliers and partners.

Your know-how will also be protected from your competitors if the products and services you market do not reveal your know-how.

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