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Your operations and markets are increasingly becoming more international; your intangible assets (patents, trademarks, models, domain names) are implemented worldwide, and in order to be real and effective, the intellectual protection and defense of your rights associated with your trademarks, marketing campaigns, domain names, inventions and technical improvements or aesthetic aspect of your products and services and all your creations must be international.

However, the variety and nuances between different intellectual property systems and courts, as well as the importance of communicating clearly and formulating precisely the characteristics of your inventions and creations in several languages make very difficult the task of safeguarding your intellectual property in the international environment.

To meet your internalization needs for your operations and markets, IPSIDE has also internationalized itself with:

  • International and local offices with local, fully bilingual patent engineers, legal experts and lawyers (see China and USA);
  • European agents patent engineers and legal experts, mainly bilingual French / English;
  • A global network of consulting firms able to act locally before industrial and intellectual property offices in each geographical area, lawyers, correspondents and partners (see Networks) with whom IPSIDE maintains close, trust based relationships,
  • And a network of translators specialized in intellectual property and retained by IPSIDE for the quality of their work (which is crucial in case of litigation and defense of your rights).

Thus, IPSIDE offers a unique point of contact to help you develop, manage and defend your international portfolio of patents and trademarks in an effective way.

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