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Innovative products and services or an innovative way to promote them is the key to acquiring new clients, markets, growth, satisfaction and ensuring a good relationship with your existing clients. Furthermore, promoting an innovative image on these markets raises the entry barrier for your competition.

However, the innovation development or acquisition is an important resource investment and innovation can be quickly replicated by competition if it is not protected properly.

It is therefore necessary to protect and manage your innovations and creations effectively in order to maximize their potential.

IPSIDE can help you establish or strengthen your intellectual property protection approach and limit your risks in what concerns the intellectual property of your competitors. The IPSIDE experts and specialists in the technologies and areas of your activities will review with you the options of protection best suited to your opportunities, markets and your budget. In some cases, IPSIDE can also help you obtain a Research Tax Credit.

As an intellectual property consulting firm, IPSIDE is bound by strict ethical rules and guarantees the confidentiality of discussions with its clients and prospective clients and, if necessary, reports in advance any risk of conflicts of interest to its clients and prospective clients.

After thoroughly analyzing your needs, IPSIDE is able to propose a preliminary estimate or a flat rate and undertakes to respect its estimates.

IPSIDE is able to offer you long term support through a comprehensive range of services, ensuring the protection, valorization and defense of your intellectual property titles rights.



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