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IPSIDE in France

The technology and the many forms of communication increase the range of your markets and networks of suppliers and partners while allowing you to effectively and remotely manage the relations with your clients.

However, the particularly complex, nuanced and sometimes abstract questions and challenges raised by anything related to your intellectual property [see protection, development and litigation menus] can sometimes be difficult to communicate or too sensitive to be exchanged and defined remotely, particularly in their initial phase.

Nothing replaces the quality and productivity of an initial face-to-face contact and it is usually best to entrust your intellectual property files to a local consulting firm that understands the cultural and economic specificities of your region.

Through its offices and branches distributed throughout France (see offices and branches in France below), the IPSIDE industrial and intellectual property consultancy firm offers you a local and reactive interface of experts and intellectual property managers who listen to your needs and help you translate them into an effective action plan fitting your budget.

Depending on the services required by your needs, your local manager then distributes your file to the competent patent engineers, legal experts or lawyers (see Team) distributed between IPSIDE's national and international offices (see China, USA) or among the experts from IPSIDE's partner networks [see Networks]. The manager follows, manages and reports to you the progress of your file while it is processed and/ or your requests or the additional information that you transmit to him.

1, rue Pierre Rectoran
64100 Bayonne
7-9, allée Haussmann
33300 Bordeaux Cedex
Centre d’Affaires SIAM
81, rue de Siam
29200 Brest
1025, avenue Henri Becquerel
10 Parc Club du Millénaire
34000 Montpellier
1 Bis, place de La Défense
92400 Courbevoie
Centre d’affaires ACTIVA
4, allée Catherine de Bourbon
64000 Pau
4, rue de Kerogan
29337 Quimper Cedex
6, impasse Michel Labrousse
31100 Toulouse
39, rue Grange Galand
37554 St AVERTIN Cedex
Avenue René Monory
Immeuble Antarès
Téléport 4, Chasseneuil-du-Poitou
BP 70183
86962 Futuroscope CEDEX

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+33 (0)5 31 50 00 22
6, Impasse Michel Labrousse
Toulouse 31100