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The IAM 1000 rankings have just been released. We are proud to announce that the Santarelli Group has been awarded the GOLD ranking in patent prosecution. Here is what stands out from the IAM 1000 publication.

Santarelli Group possesses both a significant market presence and impressive technical expertise in patent prosecution. Furthermore, Santarelli Group has announced a strategic partnership with Meissner Bolte, a renowned German legal and patent attorney organization, for the Unified Patent Court (UPC) initiative. 

Luc Santarelli, a specialized patent attorney in supporting infringement proceedings, is highly regarded as a seasoned professional and esteemed partner for intellectual property ventures. Luc has dedicated his career to safeguarding intellectual property rights in France and internationally. His profound knowledge of patent litigation and opposition, coupled with his adeptness in handling cutting-edge legal and factual matters, enables him to swiftly grasp key issues and provide clear guidance to clients. Luc consistently delivers comprehensive and thoughtful advice, demonstrating flexibility and offering various approaches to problem-solving when confronted with challenges and difficulties. He pays meticulous attention to detail while remaining focused on the core concerns. Moreover, Luc generously devotes his spare time to mentoring and inspiring young individuals, nurturing them to become exceptional patent attorneys.

Samuel Deschamps is widely recognized for his unwavering diligence and responsiveness to customer needs. Combining technical knowledge with patent expertise, he plays a pivotal role in advancing licensing programs. With extensive experience as a European patent attorney, Samuel's deep understanding of intellectual property licensing, nuanced grasp of standard essential patents, technical proficiency in wireless and other communication and digital technologies, and overall business acumen foster highly effective collaborations with clients. His leadership and expertise come highly recommended. 

Ghislain de Trémiolles, a specialist in electronics and telecommunications, excels as both a skilled educator and lawyer. He possesses the ability to convey complex technical concepts with clarity and patience, making him a pleasure to work with. Ghislain's unwavering availability and willingness to assist further contribute to successful patent litigation cases.

Hélène Stankoff is an exceptionally talented patent attorney, renowned for her astute technical insights. She exhibits a profound understanding of litigation strategies and remains highly responsive. Hélène is unequivocally regarded as a top-tier patent attorney for litigation matters.


July 3, 2023

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