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The Research Tax Credit (CIR) is a tax incentive designed to encourage research and company development efforts by deducting from your taxes the research and development expenses. CIR applies to companies from all sectors of activity and of all sizes.

Your eligibility for the CIR and the calculation of the associated tax reduction depend on a number of conditions, factors and laws that change regularly.

In order to be able to file claims with the CIR, and in particular to be able to face calmly a tax administration assessment, it is necessary to prepare your file in accordance with the latest laws and with care.

Upon the growing demand of its clients, IPSIDE has developed a "CIR" service based on its expertise in patents, in particular allowing to assess more effectively the essential criteria of eligibility for CIR of the scientific work within your company:

IPSIDE thus offers its support in preparing your CIR file including at the same time a scientific and a tax component, in order to secure your CIR as much as possible.

In case your company has a dispute with the tax authorities in connection with your CIR, IPSIDE will stand by you, with a specialized lawyer in order to defend your rights.

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