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Your research work has resulted in a potentially commercially exploitable technical invention and your invention is more than an obvious consequence of a technique known by "the expert". Your invention concerns a new manufacturing process, a new product, device or apparatus or the improvement of an existing product. The exploitation of your invention could lead to a commercial success which will not only allow you to cover the investment of your research but also to make a profit.

You have kept your research work secret (see "How to protect my idea"); however, it is possible that another person (physical or legal) in the world would end up with the same invention whose concurrent commercial exploitation would reduce your sales margins.

It is therefore appropriate to protect your invention with one or more patent(s) at the earliest possible and thus ensure the potential benefit of a twenty years monopoly on your invention allowing you to make it profitable to the maximum.

IPSIDE accompanies you through the sometimes complex process of obtaining a patent (see Patents), both in France, Europe and abroad. From the time the patent is drafted until it is issued, then during its maintenance, through the possible objections of the involved patent office(s) or the oppositions of your competitors, every step in the patenting process requires special attention and implies official costs specific to each country.

IPSIDE helps you in every step, in order to maximize your chances of issuance and advises you on the scope of your patent claims while minimizing your costs.

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