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What could be better than a 100% business & innovation day for February 14! This year, IPSIDE will have the immense privilege of welcoming you to its booth at the TechInnov trade salon in Paris, Espace Champerret.

 TechInnov represents more than 15,000 targeted business meetings each year that meet the needs of each person participating in this salon, whether as an exhibitor or simply as a visitor.

 Multiple conferences, each more interesting than the last, will enrich our perception of innovation. Throughout the day we will attend meetings and other business meetings, always with the aim of satisfying your requirements and your questions in the field in which we operate.

 25% of the companies present are start-ups, so innovation is one of the main drivers of TechInnov. Of course, each company that launches must protect its data and its industrial property.

 IPSIDE will therefore be ready to respond to your IP issues, whether in terms of trademarks, patents or litigation.


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