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Dear Customers and Associates,


As the Covid-19 epidemic is worsening, IPSIDE is closely monitoring the situation, considering our experience in our Chinese subsidiaries, in order to implement, when required, the appropriate measures to safeguard our valuable customers as well as their IP rights, and our staff.


IPSIDE is a decentralized structure and has always promoted the possibility of teleworking for its staff who so wished. Our IT tool is designed and sized for this purpose, our staff is trained accordingly, which allows us to ensure the security of data and exchanges under these specific circumstances.


We do not currently have any known or even suspected case of Covid-19 among our staff.

However, given the evolving situation in Europe, we have set up a continuity plan, as a preventive measure, so as to assure the ongoing supply of our services as long as it will be necessary.


To this end, as of today, the whole staff of IPSIDE will stay  home and telework. They can be contacted on their regular email address, email being the safest and the preferred way to get in touch.


Both internal and external meetings are canceled, as well as any professional travel. We have set up and made available a teleconferencing system and we invite you to get in touch with your usual contact in order for him/her to communicate his/her cell phone number if necessary.


Although we will check out post mail on a regular basis, we kindly request you to favor electronic means of communication.

As of today, not every Industrial Property Office has set up deadline extension schemes, in particular French INPI, EPO and EUIPO. However, we wish to reassure you that deadlines are monitored and will be met.


We know that you may also be affected by this pandemic, and would like to express our solidarity and our commitment to do everything in our power to maintain and safeguard your rights and to help you solving any difficulty you may experience. Please do not hesitate to inform us of such difficulties, it can make a difference.


We will continue to monitor the situation and inform you on a regular basis or in case of any significant development

Contact us
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+33 (0)5 31 50 00 22
6, Impasse Michel Labrousse
Toulouse 31100