• When Christmas Meets Intellectual Property
  • Santarelli Group ranked Gold IP Firm in 2023 IAM Patent 1000
  • Artificial Intelligence: Is it possible to freely re-train an AI model distributed under an open-source license?
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PATENTS: drafting, filing, prior art search, surveillance, formal recording of know-how (timestamping).

SIGNES DISTINCTIFS (trademarks, designs, domain names): filing, anteriority searches.

COPYRIGHT: time-stamping.

WEB/DIGITAL: legal assistance, increased visibility of your website, surveillance of counterfeits to your trademarks, logos, web images, defense of your rights.



SURVEILLANCE: patents or trademarks; strategic review of portfolios.

AUDITS of patents and trademarks portfolios (e.g. for an initial public offering, an acquisition, a sell-off, a license).

DRAFTING OF CONTRACTS licenses for patents, trademarks, domain names, designs, copyrights (sell-off, collaboration agreements, joint ventures, consortium) copyrights.

INTERNATION PATENT EVALUATION CONSORTIUM (IPEC): evaluation of standard essential patents.


IP STRATEGY: Defining an intellectual property strategy means organising the conditions of use and reuse of the solutions covered by the purchase of innovation, by the buyer for his needs and by the holder within the framework of his activity.

IP PORTFOLIO AUDIT: Allows you to take stock of your Trademark and Patent portfolio, and to streamline its management.

IP DIAGNOSIS: Benefit from a diagnosis of your Intellectual Property strategy at an unbeatable price thanks to assistance from Bpifrance.


PRE-LITIGATION: letters of formal notice, claims and negotiations, counterfeiting seizures, transactional agreements.

LEGAL ACTIONS: actions against counterfeit, actions for revocation and invalidity, actions for claims, actions in unfair and parasitic competition, actions in interlocutory, contractual or delictual liability.



STATUTES: The statutes define the operating rules of a company as well as the relations between the partners.

CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENTS (NDA): contract by which the parties undertake to maintain the confidentiality of a certain amount of information, the content of which is defined by the contract.

CONTRACT DRAFTING: license (patents, trademarks, domain names, designs and models, copyrights), assignment contract, joint ownership, coexistence agreement, partnership, consortium. Analysis, drafting of Intellectual Property clauses in employment, internship and subcontracting contracts.

GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE (CGV) AND USE (CGU): They appear in the contractual documents. The T&Cs differ depending on the types of services you offer and the types of customers you are addressing. What do you need to know? How are they framed?

For all demanding creators and innovators

IPSIDE enhances the management of their Intellectual Property. To differentiate from other IP firms, IPSIDE offers a superior combination of industry dedicated experts, a global presence and innovative services tailored to their needs.

Availability & responsiveness

Access bespoke and local competencies that meet your needs diligently.

Advice & strategy

Discover relevant and innovative solutions in line with your budget.

Creativity & valorization

Maximise the value of your intellectual property right capital, with novel, off-the-beaten track solutions.

Deontology & independence

Rely on an IP law firm that takes deontological and professional standards as well as independence of its advice seriously.

Santarelli Group and client orientation

  • "Our invention, the Inboardisc brake, won the Gold Medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva in the P category! A big thank you to Ipside (now Santarelli Group) for their insightful advice and support in safeguarding our innovations over the past three years."

    Gravity Code, C. Gauthier

  • « Nous apprécions vraiment des CPI avec une couverture à l’international, notamment sur les gros marchés comme la Chine et les Etats-Unis. » Etam, Responsable de la Propriété Industrielle»

    Etam, Responsable de la Propriété Industrielle

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